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TWA Halloween Fun Shoot 2015


Today the archers shot 6 dozen arrows, 2 dozen at each of the three targets, these were at an                    unknown distant. For the juniors, we move their target after each 2 dozen arrows. We had some cut-outs of Spider’s, Pumpkins. Balloons and Ghosts, if you hit one of them you need to check the  back of it, and see if you add to or subtract from your score for that end. If you hit the red balloon (blood inside a black balloon) you double your finale score. The scoring, was White 3, Black 1, Blue 10, Red 9, Gold 5. However, the winner was the archer that had the most 1s and 3s in pairs, so as they were put together it gave a 13. Yep the most 13s won, not that the archers knew this. You see you never know just whats going on at our Halloween shoot.